New show!

My new favorite show!  Precious puppies!img_2960


They did it!

IMG_1986My people took me to the vet and made sure I don’t have puppies!  I am just a puppy myself!  Well, I’m 8 months old and I weigh 60 pounds, but I’m still just a kid!  No swimming for 2 weeks!  No playtime at Petsmart for 2 weeks!  I’m paying them back though, because it’s hard to keep me down.  Driving them crazy!

I’m not Esther Williams but I’m close.

imageFinally!                     A pool worthy of a swimmer like me!  Cool, blue water.  So hot here. My parents let me take over the pool. Well,  they had no choice.  My brother Max,  a golden retriever,  chases ball in here,  but I like to swim!  And of course, chase Max and bite his ears.  This big hose in here is not a bad chew either. Not what Mom had in mind when she let me jump in. You are all invited!  Pool party!